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Risk Assessment


This risk assessment is to assess the risk posed by Covid-19 to guests and workers.  The property is a flat with accommodation for up to 5 people.


The virus may be brought in by guests or workers or on supplies.  It can survive on surfaces and in the air. 

Current practices

Currently the flat is cleaned to a high standard as can been seen by the reviews which mention the excellent standard of cleanliness.

Steps taken to reduce risk

Food and drink supplies will be removed from the flat.  Anything left by previous guests will be disposed of
TV and hi-fi remotes will be placed in a cleanable bag.

Future practices

In addition to the current cleaning practices the following will apply:

  • Open the windows on entering the flat for cleaning.

  • Spray disinfectant on a cloth and wipe

    • all switches (light and shower)

    • remote control bag

    • hairdryer

    • kitchen items in general

    • window handles

    • lamp switches

    • electrical plugs

    • guest information folder

    • wash all crockery, cutlery and utensils


After a thorough clean, surfaces will be sprayed or wiped with disinfectant and left to air dry.


Linen is supplied by Deeside Laundry.  It is assumed that the linen arrives virus free.  When the linen is removed from beds it is placed in laundry bags and put aside.  It is collected weekly.  Any linen that is washed will be washed on the “hygiene+” setting at 60 degrees C.


As at present, towels will be collected in green washing bags and washed at 30 degrees.  They will be tumble dried which will subject them to temperatures over 60 degrees. 


Payment is made via an online travel agent or via an online bank transfer.

Check-in / Check-out

Check in is via a keybox.  The keybox will be wiped with disinfectant between guests.  The flat has its own door so guests are not going to meet anyone else going in and out of the flat like they would in a block of flats.

It would help if guests leave the windows open on departure.  (Except the main bedroom window).

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